Safeway Employee Discount: Don’t Miss This In 2024

By Phillip Adcock
Last updated: Dec 7, 2023
Safeway Employee Discount

Discounts are always an excellent way to attract new customers and reward your regular customers. However, discounts for employees are a different story! It gives the staff motivation to perform excellently at work.

This blog will reveal the secrets of the Safeway employee discount if you are one of the staff! Check it out now to find out the special bonus of Safeway.

Safeway Employee Discount In 2024

As of 2024, Safeway employees are now entitled to 10% off their orders of store-brand food and a 5% reduction with other labels

As part of the new program, all staff members will need to complete their certain probation period by 31 September to receive the benefits. They also must own an Air Miles card that can be used at the local checkouts.  

We have more information regarding how employees may take advantage of their deals below.

How To Use The Employee Discount?

Safeway Club Card can significantly benefit you as an employee, especially if they’re used at stores that offer exclusive promos! To begin, all coworkers must pass a three-month probationary period before being eligible for a bargain. It’s after this period has passed that your ID will be scanned and attached to your Air Miles account so that store management may check your balance. 

When you use your code and don’t have the above-required card, you will not see the deal deducted from the purchase amount of the product!

Your Air Miles card will not operate unless you first register it in Employee Self Service at Sobeys through the worker portal. It is due to the merger with Sobeys and Air Miles.

Is There Any Way To Share The Discount?

Everyone likes a deal, especially when it comes from a grocery store, and Safeway is trying its best to meet all of its customers. They recently created an extension of the Air Miles program that allows any family relations living in the household linked to the Miles account. 

It is also connected with a worker deal to benefit from this great offer on goods purchased at over two-thousand partnered locations!

Is It Possible To Use Safeway Discount At Any Store?

Almost all items at Safeway are eligible for the deduction, so long as the item carries its label. However, there are exceptions to these rules.

Safeway Discount For Employee

Some products cannot receive any deals because the manufacturer decided not to offer them. Another reason is that they are in a specific category that does not qualify for programs, as you can see on the list below:

  • Post office 
  • Tobacco 
  • Gift cards 
  • In-store exceptions 
  • Lottery tickets 

Additionally, a store manager will determine which items are subject to a minimum price. These items will be different per store in certain instances. 

Rules around the sale prices of such items may differ between stores. The staff is encouraged to consult with their manager if they have questions about pricing or deals during sales.

Where Is Staff Discount Accepted?

In late 2013, Safeway became a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Albertsons enterprise. The following stores are mutually affiliated with the Albertsons firms and therefore qualify for employee deals from those stores: 

For any stores above to provide Safeway just for you employee discount on staff purchases, they have partnered with Air Miles. Most importantly, though, staff members can’t receive points from FreshCo or use their cards while doing business there. 

This includes earning rewards through this program and taking advantage of employee benefits like saving money when shopping!

Is There Any Place Rejecting The Safeway Discount?

When shopping for groceries, be sure to take advantage of the deal! You can get 10% off on any purchase if you’re a team member. 

A few stores don’t offer this, though, so it’s worth checking before you go out of town or need something quick like milk and bread.

  • Farm Boy 
  • IGA Express 
  • Voila 
  • Sobeys/ Liquor Stores
  • Thrifty Foods Liquor  
  • Boni-Soir 
  • Marche Omni
  • Voisin 

Some Special Advantages At Safeway

The new hire benefits at Safeway are incredible. They give employees a deduction, but the best part is that staff get many other advantages with their paycheck! For example:

  • Health Insurance 
  • Legal Assistance 
  • Retirement Plan 
  • Flexible Hours 
  • Assistance Program 
  • Gym Membership 
  • Vacation 
  • Dental Insurance 
  • 401k Plan  
  • Tuition Assistance 
  • Legal Assistance 

Paid time off is a great way to take care of your own needs while also giving back by helping others. PTO policies allow regular staff members two weeks of paid vacation, and shop managers can enjoy five!

You can get an extra 10% off your next purchase with the bargain. Check out our other posts on how to save at this company, including student discounts and senior citizen rates!


We hope you enjoyed learning more about the Safeway employee discount. This store discount is available to all employees, and the deal is usually 15% off your entire purchase. 

You need to check your employee discount card for the fine print as with any discount. For more information about this discount, check out your handbook! Thanks for your reading, and remember to follow us in the following posts!

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Phillip Adcock is the founder and Managing Director of the research agency Shopping Behaviour Xplained (SBXL), a shopping research organization using psychological consumer insight to explain and help consumers answer their questions about stores and services.

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