Why Tony the Tiger really is G-r-r-e-at!

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Why Tony the Tiger really is G-r-r-e-at!

With the typical Stock Keeping Unit (SKU) in a supermarket having around a 1 in 500 chance of being bought, it’s never been harder to grab shopper’s attention than it is today. So here is a small selection of thought starters from SBXL to help you stand out to shoppers in-store and online.

What you want from shoppers is their attention. Evolutionary speaking, our ancestors would need to quickly identify stimuli, to recognise whether they should fight, flight or find a mate. Subconsciously, everything would be classified into one of these three categories. Today, we are not faced with having to go out to hunt for our food, nor do we worry about the likely danger of wild animals. However, the wiring of our brains is still the same even though we live in such a different world.

Essentially, through evolution, we have evolved to use stimuli around us to make decisions. We act in a way to ensure the human race survives on Earth, leading us to our first opportunity to stand out. To capture your shopper’s attention, incorporate stimuli that would have posed an evolutionary threat. This means, next time you see a lion bar, or buy a box of frosted flakes, maybe you’ll consider what evolutionary impact had on your decision.

Another opportunity lies in colour, interestingly, evolution plays a role in this too. For example, shoppers are more likely to notice red stimuli. Why? Because red is the colour of fresh meat and many ripe fruits to name just two. However, a red sticker on a red box won’t amount to much, contrast is key too. If everything is vibrant then nothing is eye catching to shoppers. Before you decide on any colour, study the environment in which they will be used.

Motion is the third chance to stand out and grab attention. As mentioned above, our brains are still wired as they were for our ancestors, meaning we are subconsciously aware of movement that may be a threat. Whether it be a big moving window display, or a swinging sign above you in the aisle, movement captures attention. Shoppers are far more likely to look over if you include this in-store and online.

We have evolved to pay attention to other people, whether we are looking for threats, or trying to find a mate. Shoppers today are subconsciously drawn to people, so you can attract more attention to your products through the simple act of using people. Faces activate specific regions in the brain, and when altered, people detect changes more easily.

In summary, when looking to create eye catching displays that will attract more attention, recognising what we as humans are pre-disposed to is crucial. Evolution is a fundamental factor that should not be ignored.

If you think your products aren’t getting enough attention in-store or online, let’s talk. SBXL specialise in analysing real shoppers, really shopping. If you’d like to find out more contact us on 01543 255 259 or email info@sbxl.com