Why Supermarkets struggled this Christmas

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Why Supermarkets struggled this Christmas

supermarkets-struggled-this-christmasOur CSI shopper research reveals that 97% of shoppers shop in supermarkets throughout the year, however, only 63% of Christmas food shoppers buy their Christmas food shop from supermarkets. This could be an explanation for why Christmas 2013 was a struggle for many retailers.

Recent reports revealed that Tesco and Morrisons saw their sales decrease, and Sainsbury’s even claimed that 2013 was their toughest Christmas yet. Despite the struggle for these retailers, the opposite effects were seen for Waitrose, Aldi and Lidl who all flourished this Christmas.

Our Christmas shopper research suggests that this is because, when buying groceries in for Christmas, shoppers become less focused on cost, and more focused on value for money and simply shopping in grocery stores that they like. This could be an explanation towards Waitrose’s successful Christmas…. Shoppers tend to indulge on their Christmas grocery budget; they are likely to buy their Christmas food shop from premium supermarkets, as well as traditional specialist stores for the festive season, even if this is not their usual store choice.

Shoppers from December 2013 were also more concerned about getting good value for money. Aldi’s focus on value for money could be a key reason why Aldi did so well this Christmas over other retailers…

Christmas is about enjoyment and not just about price. Shoppers do not necessarily just want a cheap Christmas dinner. Emphasis should be put on enjoyment of the Christmas grocery shopping experience, and getting a good quality product at a reasonable price!