Our expertise in consumer insights will identify the needs of your shopper, helping them to make the right choices for their lifestyle

Join 62% of the leading FMCG brands who’ve already benefited from more than £2 Billion additional sales opportunities generated by Shopping Behaviour Xplained

Every customer is an individual. At Shopping Behaviour Xplained, our specialist understanding of shopper behaviour will empower your business to create positive, more engaging shopper experiences.

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Very few people really understand why shoppers do what they do. By why we mean their purpose, cause or belief – Do you? Why should your brand exist? Why should shoppers pick your brand?

Here at Shopping Behaviour Xplained, we recognise that not all insights come from studying what shoppers do, many are identified by uncovering why they do it!

Find out more about our tools below.

Detailed shopping behaviour analysis

This is just about the only research tool to effectively analyse non-buyers in-store: Who are they, and at what point do they disengage from the category?
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In-aisle Discussion

We separate fact from fiction & tell you why shoppers buy & why some don't.
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Solo Shops

A running commentary from shoppers which provides a more revealing alternative to the somewhat invasive 'accompanied shop', or 'shop-along'.
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Mobile Eye-Tracking

See your brand through the eyes of shoppers.
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Shopper Groups

When it's important to get to know your shoppers quickly, Shopping Behaviour Xplained's shopper groups enhance focus group flexibility with authentic shopper thoughts & perceptions.
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Ultimate Path to Purchase Analysis

Compare and analyse your brand across 12 different metrics. From its ability to generate engagement on shelf, through to pack design and category layout, to price and promotion.
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Pack Testing

SBXL packaging research incorporates all we have learned from 20 years of studying the behaviour and minds of shoppers to help you win on the battleground of the shelf
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App Based In-Store Observation

In the moment data collection allows for instant research output. Fieldwork in-store today & shopping behaviour analysis back with you tomorrow!
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Online Shopper Research

Understanding the online path to purchase is a fundamental part of a business’s strategy. Understand how shoppers browse in the absence of real-life products.
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Virtual Reality Shopping

Our VR is less virtual & more real: We take an established research tool & use psychology and behavioural expertise to do it better.
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