Every decision a shopper makes begins with an emotional response

Emotional engagement in-store workshop

Shooper Analysis for BrandsUnlock the heart and minds of shoppers

Emotions direct and colour people’s attitudes and perceptions by selecting what attracts and holds attention. Stores and brands are constantly striving to gain the attention of us shoppers. We are now running a highly engaging ½ day workshop covering what emotions are and how to manipulate shopper feelings to the significant benefit of your brand.

Let us come and run an engaging and enlightening workshop covering numerous aspects of human emotion. We will provide insights and thought-provoking direction to help you emotionally engage more with shoppers and as a direct result be the more preferred brand for more shoppers, more often.

Revealed: How the power of emotional appeal far outweighs rational thought.

Exposed: The shocking truth about how shoppers rely much more on emotional perceptions than real world facts and product benefits.

Confirmed: Once shoppers become emotionally hard wired to a brand, they represent a loyal source of future sales and revenue.

All our workshops are rich in content, packed with advice and practical tips for retailers and brand owners alike. Delivered over a morning or afternoon, they quickly build the knowledge, practical experience and confidence you need to be more qualified to meet the needs of shoppers in-store.

These workshops are interactive and hands-on. You’ll be learning by doing!

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