Special offers have 20 x more impact on sales than traditional advertising

More effective promotions workshop

Shooper Analysis for BrandsOffer's needn't be good to be attractive

SBXL understand the Psychology of Promotions. We’d like to share our insights to help you get much more from your promotional spend.

We are offering a highly engaging and enlightening ½ day or 1 day workshop covering how humans (shoppers) process numbers, prices and promotions, both consciously and sub-consciously.

We can show you how to dramatically improve the attraction of your promotional messaging so that it drives more footfall to an aisle, category or brand. Critically, we’ll show you how to adapt your promotions to optimise sales without impacting as heavily on margin. A typical grocery category gives away 23% more margin than it needs to.

Revealed: Why one major supermarket’s share of a certain grocery category is falling so much faster than all the others, even though they are all running the same long term promotion

Exposed: The shocking truth that although shoppers calculate the value of some special offer types, they just intuitively guess others

Confirmed: How to increase the price and still drive sales of your brand. We raised the cost of a grocery product by 12p per pack and increased their share of category

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