Mobile Eye-Tracking

Redefine in-store stand out with eye tracking insights from SBXL

Tetherless eye-tracking reveals what shoppers look at

There is a world of difference between what shoppers look at & what they subsequently see. Discover what it takes to visually attract attention. Learn how to turn that attention into meaningful engagement. Find out how to attract more shoppers, engage with them & sell them more as a result.

  1. 70% of in-store communication is visual – Good & Bad
  2. But only 5% of what we look at is mentally absorbed
  3. The odds of someone even seeing your brand in-store are around 500/1
  • Wire-free eye-tracking technology allows shoppers to shop the real store environment.
  • Shoppers are unaware of what we are studying so look & see more naturally.
  • Quantify how much category attention your brand receives & compare that with sales.
  • Ability to link eye-tracking with other biometric research tools.
  • Understand what it takes to be looked at & seen in-store.
  • Create more effective in-store communications.
  • Discover which of your comms shoppers see & what gets ignored.
  • How does colour, shape & imagery impact on your brand in-store.
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