Virtual Reality Shopping

Virtual Reality Shopper Research

Working exclusively with Sodalite, we have developed a range of research methods to help you get more from VR research.

Because we use VR with genuine shoppers in actual stores, you receive better insights & a greater sense of the true impact of what you are testing. We work in partnership with shoppers so that they engage with the VR scenario more authentically.

  1. VR identified how to tap into a £265 million market simply by re-laying the category.
  2. Sales uplifts of between 6% & 21% as a result of analysing VR scenarios.
  3. Ability to go beyond retailer limitations to unlock the true potential of categories.
  • Compare different ranges, layouts & store configurations.
  • Take genuine new news to your next range review.
  • Refine your category vision without jeopardising current day shopper experiences.
  • Test hypotheses &, understand 'what if' scenarios.
  • VR shoppers filmed & their actions analysed.
  • Advanced interviews probe for true perceptions of the VR scenario.
  • Shopping Behaviour Xplained know what you can & can't ask of VR, so you generate more reliable insights.
  • A range of specialist research tools to optimise your VR investment.
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