Ultimate Path to Purchase Analysis

How well does your brand stack up in-store?

Ultimate Path to Purchase Analysis

If you lack the time or budget to conduct a full shopper research project. The next best thing is Ultimate Path to Purchase Analysis.

Access 30 years of shopper psychology and shopping behaviour, enhanced with key learnings from leading psychologists from around the globe. Tap into quite simply the most comprehensive database of shopper insights available.

Compare and analyse your brand across 12 different metrics. From its ability to gain attention on shelf, through pack design and category layout to price and promotion.

  1. 791 powerful shopper insights, each validated & proven to inprove brand performance in-store
  2. Insights gained while working with 62% of top 100 fmcg brands in UK
  3. A true insight powerhouse that has generated more than £2 billion in additional sales opportunities
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Connect, engage, persuade and sell
  • A comprehensive audit of how your brand is perceived by shoppers in-store.
  • Compare & analyse your brand across 12 different metrics.
  • Discover what’s good, what's not so good & how to increase your brand share.
  • Quantify your effectiveness to be seen, connect, persuade & sell in-store.
  • Map brand attention from initial appeal, to engagement & desire.
  • Measure the effectiveness of imagery, colours & even fonts used.
  • Quantify how well your copy, prices & numbers appeal to shoppers.
  • Discover how to convert more, optimise range & layout & get the balance of promotions just right.
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