Shopper Groups

More reaslisitc group activity and discussion

Groups with more shopper & less 'group'

When it’s important to get to know your shoppers quickly, we have just the means. Our shopper groups have been designed to enhance focus group flexibility with authentic shopper thoughts & perceptions.

  1. Shopping Behaviour Xplained shopper groups discovered how shoppers really segment value, mainstream & premium brands.
  2. A single shopper group insight resulted the absolute transformation of an established fmcg category: To the benefit of shoppers
  3. Roles that online & in-store play harmonised after Shopping Behvaiour Xplained groups.
More reaslisitc group activity and discussion
  • Improve your focus groups by including a visit to your category in-store.
  • Participants get to really shop the category just before discussing it.
  • Conduct focus groups in-store where shoppers shop.
  • Enhanced analysis reveals emotional responses as well as thoughts & perceptions.
  • Give participants context to what they are discussing.
  • Set real in-store tasks as part of Shopping Behaviour Xplained focus groups.
  • Use the aisle to refresh shopper memories.
  • Match what shoppers say with how they feel.
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