Pack Testing

Better Packaging Testing

In order for shoppers to get to know your brand and for it to be successful, your packaging needs to be seen, be engaging and encouraging, all within a matter of milliseconds.

Shopping Behaviour Xplained’s packaging research has been developed to ensure that your packaging:

  1. Engages with shoppers almost instantly
  2. Clearly communicates your brand
  3. Emotionally connects with shoppers
  4. Contains the right information in the right location to help shoppers make better purchasing decisions
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  • Consultancy – 20 years of behavioural and psychological insight to feed into your design concepts.
  • Online 2D shelf test – for quick indicative results on pack stand out and recall.
  • SBXL Virtually Real online shelf test – pack stand out and recall against competitive set on a real shelf.
  • Virtual Reality – Product stand out, recall and shopping behaviour on a discreet virtual platform.
  • Mock shop – real products and real shopper behaviour and attitudes.
  • In-store – Actual real-world shopping behaviour in a real store with your new pack design.
  • Every research methodology includes a questionnaire designed by a consumer psychologist.
  • Eye tracking or salience mapping can also be bolted onto any pack test.
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