Online Shopper Research

Learn to optimise appeal and engagement online

Online Shopper Research from SBXL

Understanding the online path to purchase has never been more important. SBXL are experts in analysing the role online shopping plays in product purchasing. More importantly, we are able to measure the influence that online and offline have on each other.

  1. SBXL online shopper research helps leading toy Company understand the gifting purchase process.
  2. Discover how Bricks & Mortar shoppers use the online channel for price, advice, etc.
  3. Recognise unique online triggers that enable you to better manage your path to purchase.


  • Discover what aspects of your brand need refining online.
  • Learn how shoppers browse in the absence of real life products.
  • Map their journey from awareness, through engagement and to purchase.
  • Make the most of your selling presence online.
  • We'll tell you why shoppers click and why some don't.
  • Use psychology to transform the impact of online imagery.
  • Learn the secrets of emotional engagement online.
  • Get your brand into more 'baskets' more often.
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