Detailed shopping behaviour analysis, in partnership with your customers

In order to fully understand how to position your brand in the market, our industry leading, observational research, is the most conclusive and comprehensive way of gathering quantifiable data.

Detailed shopper observation captures NO personal data (Fully GDPR compliant) and yet still delivers insights which enable you to understand the distinction between shoppers who engage and those who don’t.

  • Analysis of real shoppers, shopping in real stores.
  • Analysis of both behaviour and motivations.
  • Analysis of the purchase funnel down to individual SKU level.
  • Compare channels, locations, even promotions.
  • What % of store footfall pass by the category?
  • How many shoppers look at the category as they pass by.
  • What % of shoppers then engage with the category?
  • How many shoppers successfully buy something?
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