The Potential of The Shopper

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The Potential of The Shopper

18505-Shopper-PotentialDespite the widespread buzz and increasing popularity around shopper understanding and insight, support for it has not – in all cases at least – filtered through the organisations who should be taking notice.

Within the marketing departments of many manufacturers, in-store activities are still viewed as tactical and outside of their domain. Traditional sales professionals still define shoppers as consumers (who happen to be in a shop), and treat the labels as one and the same. Likewise, ‘old school’ retailer structures in operations, merchandising and category management have a somewhat ‘siloed’ perspective, which only inhibits collaboration.

  • A wealth of consumer knowledge has been gathered, and new shopper insights challenge some deeply held beliefs
  • Consumer agencies are quick to proclaim their shopper expertise, yet go on to employ flawed research methodologies
  • The sales increases that effective shopper insight can deliver are nothing short of astonishing (150% and even 350% in some areas)

Manufacturers need to pay attention and start thinking about not only how in-store activities can drive both shelf space and sales lift, but also brand equity and cross-category sales. The shopper marketing teams need to converse with their sales colleagues to determine how to integrate shopper marketing into their commercial planning cycles and finally, retailers need to overcome the traditional buyers mindset that is holding them back, and focus on differentiation to generate overall revenue growth.

For example…

Time and time again, the needs of shoppers are not being met because of the way that trade negotiations currently take place. Shoppers often say they want solutions merchandising such as ‘a good night in’, where DVD’s, wine, treats and snacks are displayed together creating a ‘total shopping package’ if you will. So why is it that retailers are still failing to deliver on this?

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