Supermarkets failed to inspire shoppers to buy Valentine’s Day gifts

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Supermarkets failed to inspire shoppers to buy Valentine’s Day gifts

41% of shoppers bought their partner something for Valentine’s Day. Although the majority of shoppers didn’t participate in gift-exchanging, those who did were likely to buy these items from grocery retailers (77% of Valentines-shoppers bought their products from grocery retailers).

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This format is more on the agenda for males; 35% of men were likely to buy their partners something from grocery stores, yet only 27% of women chose this retail format. It could be that men feel less intimidated buying from supermarkets (somewhere they’re comfortable with) rather than going into an unknown world (luxury department store, for example). Whereas women are more relaxed with shopping elsewhere.

For those who shopped in grocery stores, women were likely to just pick up a card or gift wrap, whereas men went for the full package (confectionary, alcohol, flowers etc.). Men and women have significantly different needs when buying gifting items from supermarkets

With Mother’s day fast approaching, if we should expect similar figures to Valentine’s Day then 41% of shoppers will be buying gifts (from somewhere) for Sunday March 15th. Grocery retailers may have some work to do in order to (A) encourage 59% of shoppers to purchase items for the special day and (B) inspire shoppers to buy for the occasion in THEIR store…

Retailers should continue to please male shoppers by prompting the convenience and familiarity of buying along with their food shop “While you’re here…”. But in order to engage female shoppers, focus on highlighting that the quality is good enough to give to their Mother “Give her a luxurious gift she deserves”.

Data from 1000 shoppers, Continuous Shopper Insights (February 2015). For similar insights at your fingertips, have a play for free