Shoppers need to build trust in the online process… focus on the personal touch

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Shoppers need to build trust in the online process… focus on the personal touch

Online shopping is obviously extremely popular, in our latest online study 99% of shoppers admit to shopping at least something online. Despite this high percentage, only around 1/3rd of shoppers purchase their groceries online. So in this increasingly multi format marketplace it’s important to understand how we can maximise the online opportunity.

In our latest survey, 57% of shoppers claim they don’t shop online for food as they prefer to shop in store themselves, one of the main reasons for this was the ability to choose the best products for themselves, this is especially relevant for fresh products. This creates a huge opportunity to reassure customers that they can still receive the best quality of food even when bought online.

Although Tesco and Sainsbury’s already have freshness guarantees in place, which ensure that when their personal shoppers pick customers’ shopping, they select the longest life available so that the products will last. For shoppers this is about trust… causing many to think… “do they actually”…? It only takes one bad experience for the shopper (or someone they know) to break the trust and perceived quality perception of the online order.

So what can retailers do? There is a real need to make shoppers more aware of these guarantees in order to encourage shoppers to buy online. Currently most of this communication is actually built into the online shopping process…. Therefore only communicating to shoppers already online not dissolving the barrier of shoppers who haven’t gone online yet.

What about “Meet the pickers”, who are they? … show the shopper that they are someone they can trust?

The brilliant news for retailers is that in store shoppers see their staff all the time… so ensuring that these pickers are seen to select the best quality, be respectful to the products and carefully place the items in the trolley is vital. They are the best advertisers in store. Opportunity to encourage shoppers to talk to the staff about the picking when in the aisle… meet your personal shopper?

We as shoppers are more likely to trust Sarah (the personal shopper) than Retailer X (the mighty retail giant).

If we know how it’s picked and who picks it we might start to build that Trust…. just a thought.