Shoppers are more likely to shop online for luxuries rather than for groceries

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Shoppers are more likely to shop online for luxuries rather than for groceries

99% of shoppers are shopping online for at least something… but only 32% of shoppers do their grocery shop online! Shoppers are much more likely to shop online for gifts, clothes, entertainment products, holidays, event tickets, electronic items and toys & gadgets rather than for their groceries. We hypothesise that the main reason shoppers are willing to shop online for these luxury items is because shopping for these is more enjoyable than shopping for groceries.


Gifts are the most popular items being bought online with 69% of shoppers shopping online for this category. It’s no surprise that these are the most popular items that are being bought online… Online shopping gives shoppers the excuse to avoid over crowded stores (especially at Christmas).

Buying a gift for someone can require a lot of browsing from a variety of stores, so searching online across a couple of tabs is easier than traipsing across dozens of shops. And besides, if you’re sat at home behind a computer screen and not walking through your local shopping center, you’re not likely to awkwardly bump into the person you’re buying gifts for…

What an opportunity… shoppers are clearly willing to go online so why won’t they buy food online?

The reasons that they give us are “the delivery charges are too much” or “I can’t touch and feel the products online”

But shoppers also seem to be converting to buying clothes online rather than in store, with recent stats from ONS revealing that 10.2% of clothes sales are made via the internet (compared to only 3.4% of food sales are made via the internet).  Most clothes retailers charge for delivery and collection of unwanted items, and I can’t think of another category where the feel of the item and the need to touch is more important!

So why are shoppers willing to shop online for clothes etc. but not for food? It could be that online clothing retailers are available 24/7, unlike your shops along the high street which tend to close at 5/6pm… This availability gives shoppers the extra time to indulge in this luxury shopping, which is more exciting than your needed grocery shop.

How do we make shopping for food as exciting?