Shopper Marketing – An Introduction

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Shopper Marketing – An Introduction

Questions surrounding marketing effectiveness are persistent as brands continue to invest in traditional activities such as advertising and trade promotions. Yet brand loyalty, product innovation success and sales, remain elusive.

Marketers need something more, something new – Shopper Marketing.

The introduction of shopper marketing means marketers and brands are sharing a new go-to market strategy, based on in-store elements of the marketing mix. This new strategy is delivering superior returns on marketing investments.

According to a recent study:

  • 73% of participating manufacturers rated shopper marketing programs among the top four activities that deliver a meaningful return on investment (ROI)
  • 86% of the retailers rated shopper marketing programs among the top four activities that deliver a meaningful ROI
  • 19% of the manufacturers (but 50% of the retailers) rank in-store activities as first in generating ROI

To effectively market to shoppers, companies must generate targeted insights for specific shopper segments, specific trip missions and even specific stores. They must be able to link shopper and consumer insights to develop solutions that delight both shopper and consumer alike. Shopper marketers need to work seamlessly with brand and category marketers as well as sales and trade promotions teams, to deliver fully integrated programs that meet the needs of the manufacturer, retailer, and shopper. Shopper marketing allows marketers to ensure that shoppers’ in-store experiences align with out-of-store brand connections.

For example…

In this clip, a shopper is having an involved shopping experience in the Easter egg aisle. The area was marketed as an entire Easter experience and as a result, sales and visitor numbers were good. Particularly when compared with those of a retailer who turned the category into the biggest promotional display of commodities in-store.

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