Shopper Marketing – A Journey

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Shopper Marketing – A Journey

Shopper Marketing is not a fad, a tactic or a one-off exercise – it is a journey, and as with any journey companies need to have a clear idea of where they are going, how they will get there and how they will stay on course.

Shopper Marketing is not yet a mature science, so while it is important to be thoughtful about strategy, infrastructure and measurement, it is equally important to be flexible.

At its core, Shopper Marketing is about driving relevance to the consumer, to the shopper and to the retail partner, and it is this relevance at the point of decision-making that impacts a shopper’s experience and ultimately drives the sale, brand and retailer loyalty.

  • Retailers need to understand the positions of each of their categories in the minds of their shoppers
  • Manufacturers must understand the relevance of their brands to shoppers, in comparison with competing brands
  • Manufacturers should also be aware of how their brand aligns with the positioning of their retail partners – including the positioning of retailer’s private labels

By analysing where a manufacturer’s brand relevance overlaps that of each retail partner, and understanding where the advantage lies in comparison to their competitors and private labels, it is possible to deliver truly unique ‘win-win-win’ activations that not only delight shoppers, but also grow retail categories and deliver superior top line performance for the manufacturer.

The starting point for a Shopper Marketing journey is, more often than not, down to shopper insight. In other words, having a clear understanding of what shoppers want – including their aspirations, attitudes and opinion towards the in-store shopping process and experience.

For example…

In the clip below, the shopper was initially attracted to the champagne category by a strong offer (that was dual sited in-store), however at fixture traded themselves up to a more expensive branded alternative: A win for both the retailer and the brand.

When you need to know what shoppers think and how they behave, then SBXL is your first stop. My name is Phillip Adcock, Managing Director of Shopping Behaviour Xplained Ltd (SBXL), a company that specialises in analysing shopper behaviour across the world. For further information, why not have a look at the ‘Expertise & Insight’ section of our website and see how we can help you with your Shopper Marketing?