Shopper Insights

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Shopper Insights

Shopper Insights are not only a critical component of strategy development, they are also essential to in-store tactics.

The development of said shopper insights is often the first step (and the biggest investment) that an organisation makes as they become more shopper focused – however it is also often the most challenging.

To clear up common confusion about shopper insights, it is best to align them to the business objectives they aim to solve.

When applied properly, shopper insights from SBXL will: 

  • Align consumption by using occasions set by shopper mindsets
  • Reflect the shoppers’ in-home and in-store experiences
  • Build upon shoppers’ brand and category experiences
  • Ensure that the desired brand cues are triggered during the shopping experience
  • Deliver more targeted, integrated communications
  • Create actionable strategies and tactics that deliver increased profits

Shopper Insights are most successful when a scalable platform is developed for their integration and application within a company or organisation. Understanding how a shopper shops – both mentally and physically is an effective tool with which to drive this integration forward, and effective strategies are formed when these two sources of insight are combined.

For example…

The clip below shows a male shopper attempting to buy coffee. Clearly the experience is more challenging than anticipated, as he exhibits confusion and intimidation as he approaches the fixture. This is precisely the type of ‘barrier to purchase’ that SBXL identify and quantify.

Add the shopper to your range planning, category management and other retail strategies by utilising one of the world’s leading authorities on shoppers and shopping – me, Phillip Adcock.

Read my book ‘Shoppology: The Science of Supermarket Shopping & a Strategy to Spend’ (available here), or email me to book a one-on-one consultation today!