Sex: the subconscious motivator

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Sex: the subconscious motivator

sex-the-subconscious-motivatorMost of us might appreciate that sex is a powerful driver of our decisions, but would we ever be willing to admit it to others?

Recent research by Young & Rubicam reveals that what we say is actually very different to what we are really thinking. This international research conducted in the US, China and Brazil used the implicit association test to reveal consumers’ unconscious motivations. The research found that consciously, achieving a “meaning in life” ranked the most important value. Whereas subconsciously, “sexual fulfilment” ranked as the most important value globally (which only ranked 14 out of 16 in the conscious trials…).

Researchers who solely rely on traditional surveys, interviews and focus groups should consider that people may not be honest about what they are really thinking.

This really shows the importance of measuring shoppers’ unconscious emotions. Such as SBXL’s Xtraviews, where we not only take into consideration what shoppers are saying but also their underlying emotions of what they are feeling.