Rise in AB shoppers visiting Discounters? They haven’t made the move yet.

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Rise in AB shoppers visiting Discounters? They haven’t made the move yet.

The Grocer recently speculated that Discounters are attracting AB shoppers (middle/upper class shoppers, on the higher income bracket, often in a managerial work position). Continuous Shopper Insights reveals that AB shoppers may be dabbling in Discounter stores, but they still haven’t made a full shift to the budget-grocery stores.

70% of AB shoppers visited a Discounter store at least once during February 2015, which is consistent to what we saw in the last quarter. However, we’ve seen a 5% decrease in the number of shoppers using Aldi or Lidl as their main grocery source, leaving only 10% of AB shoppers shopping in Discounters for their big weekly shop…

 AB shoppers are not using Aldi or Lidl as their main grocery source – but instead as a midweek top-up.

Despite this decrease, those who are using Discounters are beginning to shop more frequently across the month and there’s been an increase in the amount of shoppers spending 10-30% of their monthly food budget in these stores…

It’s not that more AB shoppers are shopping in Discounters, but instead those who do are going there more frequently and spending more often.

So once Discount retails have got AB shoppers in-store, they’re likely to stay. Yet Discounters may still have more work to do if they want to convince more AB shoppers to start shopping with them.

It’s unlikely an AB shopper will be influenced by price, and out of all the social grade groups they’re the least likely to be engaged by value-for-money.  Instead, these shoppers are shopping for quality and somewhere they can enjoy shopping in (CSI)…

If Discounters want to continue to bring in AB shoppers, they need to put their focus on engaging shoppers out-of-store; both physically and through the use of media.

To start with, Discount retailers should consider the outside of the store… Is it inviting? Are the plants outside withering or are they good enough to display in a shopper’s home? Are the trolleys neat and tidy? The outside presence is what will draw your shoppers in.

The use of out-of-store communication can also continue through the media. Lidl’s latest television advert is a great example of this; it captures shoppers’ attention by serving Lidl’s food in a high-end pub, reminding shoppers of the quality that can be found in store and served in their homes.

 AB shoppers enjoy shopping in Discounter stores, but Discounters still need to focus on inviting these shoppers in if they want more of them to visit their stores.