Retailers behold! The Secret to Selling More Stuff!

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Retailers behold! The Secret to Selling More Stuff!

18505-Secret-To-Selling-More-StuffWant to increase market share and earn brownie points with your boss? We’ve discovered the secret – read on to find out more…

On any given day in any modern supermarket, there can be over 50,000 products to choose from in-store, and of these, typically 20% will be a part of some form of value added offer. Most items, if not all, will have individually designed packaging and occasionally there will be supporting POS displays and secondary sitings across the stores for certain items.

Now, here’s the thing; there is hardly anything in-store that tells the shopper why they should purchase a particular item. Yes there are discounts and offers available to them if they do buy, but fundamentally neither the brands or the retailers tell shoppers in-store, at the fixture WHY they should buy the product on display. So, in this world of ever-increasing choice and complexity, those who are prepared to go back to basics and give the customer a reason to buy could find themselves reaping rich rewards.

Most of the time, shoppers are not in-store to buy a product for what it is, but rather for what they perceive it does. Linking products to their consumption in the minds of shoppers (not consumers) can be a very persuasive lever to pull.

  • Sales of specific electronic items increased by 15% when shoppers were reminded what the items could be used for
  • 20% more shoppers purchased a particular brand as a gift when they were told it was an ideal choice
  • The category share of a confectionery brand increased by more than 40% when shoppers were reminded of the enjoyment of that particular product

So there you have it, the answer in it’s simplest form – if you want to encourage shoppers to buy, remind them why they should.

Interested in learning more about how shoppers minds work? Ask the man who really knows! I’m Phillip Adcock, and I have over 20 years of experience and knowledge that I would love to share with you. Visit our Expertise & Insight pages on, or read my book ‘Shoppology – The Science of Supermarket Shopping’ to learn more today.