Go beyond what shoppers say & get to what they mean

Do you know why some shoppers browse products but don't buy, do you really?


consumer purchasing behaviour

Getting shoppers into stores is one thing, but convincing them to buy things is another. Normal interviews and focus groups typically provide superficial reasons why shoppers don’t buy.

We go way beyond normal interviews, because they tap into as little as 7% of what shoppers communicate when they engage with a researcher. Using our advanced Xtraview process lets you see and hear the precise language shoppers use when they answer questions. You also get unparalleled insights regarding their non-verbal communication and emotional associations with shopping and consuming.

Shooper Analysis for BrandsGo beyond what shoppers say and understand what they really mean

Oh and by the way, unlike many other researchers, we also have a process to validate when shoppers are providing heartfelt 'truthful' responses and when they are rationalising (guessing).

What would you like to know about shoppers and shopping? Ask me, I’m Phillip Adcock, Managing Director of SBXL.
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