Shoppers can’t tell you how they behave, but we can show you

Just how do shoppers buy your brand, do you know?


Film-Based Shopper Research

There isn't 1 type of shopping there are 5: Inexperienced, Experiential, Considered, Grab & Go and Impulse. Some shoppers need educating, while others want to experience a brand in-store. There are those who take time and like space to consider their options, while others know exactly what they want and just want a fast and efficient means of acquiring. Finally there are those who, on the spur of the moment, decide to buy.

Don't try to be all things to all shoppers. Our behaviour based segmentation lets you refine and develop your layout on shelf, brand communications, promotions and other in-store activity. Become more appealing to those you most want to influence, when it matters: In-store.

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You'll also discover your weak links along the path to purchase (and those of your competitors). Do shoppers not see your brand? Do they see it but ignore it? What percentage show an active interest and how many go on to purchase? We think you'll agree that our filming based observational research is just about the most conclusive and comprehensive available today.

What would you like to know about shopper’s minds? Ask me, I’m Phillip Adcock, Managing Director of SBXL. 
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