Online shopping needs to be prompted in-store

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Online shopping needs to be prompted in-store

online-shopping-needs-to-be-prompted-in-storeOur previous blog post “Online shopping could ease UK shoppers’ hectic lifestyles”, discussed how few shoppers were actually using online retailers as their main grocery store. SBXL’s Continuous Shopper Insights explored this further to find out whether shoppers are actually shopping online at all (not just as their main grocery store), with the findings suggesting that the use of loyalty schemes may be the strategy to use in order to encourage shoppers to shop more frequently online.

The latest CSI shopper research from SBXL revealed that 82% of shoppers who have shopped online in the last 12 months were only visiting online stores ‘every now and again’ or for special occasions. The majority of these shoppers are most likely to visit their main grocery store’s online store compared to another retailer’s online store (the exception being Morrisons and Waitrose shoppers). This raises an opportunity to get these shoppers to shop online more frequently.

Retailers could prompt the benefits of loyalty cards in store in order to get shoppers online. For example, the Tesco Clubcard has the ability to remember shopper’s in-store purchases and stores them to the online site in order to aid the online shopping experience. Highlighting this feature while the shopper is in store, could encourage them to start shopping online.

95% of Tesco shoppers own a Tesco Clubcard and 86% of them feel the advantages are above average (CSI) so take advantage of this in order to get shoppers shopping online!