Online shopping could ease UK shoppers’ hectic lifestyles

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Online shopping could ease UK shoppers’ hectic lifestyles

With UK workers spending an average of 42.7 hours a week in the office (ONS), many of us are struggling to find the right balance between our work and home life. Earlier this month, the Swedish government announced they are introducing new laws to trial reduced work hours in order to ease the population’s work/life balance. Whilst this is not being trialled in Britain, there are still lessons we could learn to help our hectic lifestyles… starting with shopping.

online-shopping-eases-uk-shoppers-lifestylesIt takes on average, 45mins to do a grocery shop in store, while online shopping can save a significant amount of time. Despite the obvious time-saving benefits of online shopping, our latest Continuous Shopper Insights research reveals that the majority of shoppers are still reluctant to migrate online to do their grocery shopping.

Our CSI research reveals that online is the least visited channel across the 6 we analyse (Supermarkets, Discounters, High Street, Convenience, Online and Traditional Specialists); Just 35% of shoppers recall shopping online in the last quarter, which dropped by 2% in March 2014. So why do we complain that we have no time and yet don’t use facilities to help us?

For those who are shopping online for groceries, they appreciate the time benefits of online shopping; as they reveal they choose to shop online due to the convenience of online delivery, followed by the overall convenience and ease of online shopping. Retailers should push the advantages of online shopping, as well as reducing the barriers to usage, in order to help those shoppers who lead a busy lifestyle.