Keeping Shoppers Loyal

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Keeping Shoppers Loyal

Choosing a suitable grocery store is a big decision for shoppers. Depending on what their main needs are, determines which store they end up choosing. If the store meets these needs, shoppers will remain loyal to their chosen stores. However, if these stores fail to keep their shoppers satisfied… or if a competing store can exceed the shoppers’ needs… then shoppers are less reluctant to move to another grocery store. Retailers that attempt to convert other shoppers in to store by changing their current messages, could be at risk of losing their original shoppers.

Premium supermarket shoppers are quality-orientated when choosing a suitable store. These shoppers also admit to be willing to move stores if elsewhere can provide better quality. At the other end of the scale, discounter shoppers seek price when deciding where to shop. Discounter shoppers admit they would consider moving to another grocery store if they were offered cheaper items.

Shoppers know what they want, and they currently know where to find it…

However, retailers are now beginning to introduce new messages in order to invite new shoppers into their stores. For example, Waitrose are putting emphasis on cost, in attempt to change sbxl-keeping-shoppers-loyalperception of price by proving that they too can price-match other retailers. While this may encourage people to convert up to premium, Waitrose could be at risk of losing their shoppers who are shopping there solely for quality, both messages are important.

Conversely, discounters are currently trying to put more emphasis on their high quality items. Such as Lidl’s 2013 Christmas advert, which focuses on the quality of their deluxe-range and never once mentions their bargain prices. Again, while this may encourage people to start shopping in discounters for high quality items, they may be at risk of losing their original shoppers who are seeking low prices.

See it for yourself: Lidl’s deluxe Christmas ad

We are not denying retailers should stop trying to bring other shoppers in or should avoid highlighting their other strengths. But emphasis should also continue to remain on their original standards.