How Xtraview Interviews Offer Increased Shopper Insight

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How Xtraview Interviews Offer Increased Shopper Insight

Several people being interviewed for shopper insightsEvery store is different, but they all have one thing in common: they can benefit from customer interviews.

The shape and layout of a store sets the tone for the shopping atmosphere — but what about the tone of the store itself? And how can you find out how to improve it?

Your shoppers have the choice to go elsewhere if your store fails to meet their needs, and this is especially true in cities where there are a high number of supermarkets. This makes it easy for shoppers to change the preferred store for their weekly shop.

But what is the simplest way to find out how to improve your supermarket to better match your customers wants and needs?

Why Should You Be Paying More Attention to Your Customers?

There are five modes of shopping: Grab-and-Go, Experiential, Considered, Inexperienced and Impulse. How these are used across your store can tell you a lot about your products, the way they are laid out, and the customers themselves.

No shopper uses a single mode of shopping in-store but typically 60% of purchases will be Grab-and-Go. How the other 40% are bought is a combination of the individual shopper’s motivations and their interaction with the store.

Your customers are best placed to tell you how to improve your store, but what is the best way to listen to them? The classical method, pen-and-paper surveys, may be alright for big, obvious issues, and complaints. Though if you want to get deeper into the mind of the customer, then you’ll need something more subtle.

In-depth shopper research, such as Xtraviews, helps you to become more appealing to your target audience. Xtraviews provide you with the shopper’s full motivation — “the why behind the buy” — in order to discover which aspects of your marketing and displays in-store attract attention and engage customers. What is more, Xtraviews tell you whether or not these elements are leading to increased purchases.

What Are the Flaws of Normal Interviews and Surveys?

The main flaws of paper-and-pen surveys are their limited accuracy and tendency towards response bias.

Because customers are given the chance to think about the questions, their answers show bias rather than instinct. Answers tend to be along the lines of a decrease in product price. Customers are also prone to “gap filling”, where a gap in memory is filled with what our brains think is most logical. Customers tend not to remember how they shopped in a given area or for a given product after the shop. This means that, when asked about how they shopped a particular brand, they tend to create a new memory of the shopping process.

The other flaw with paper-and-pen surveys is the medium itself — the written word. Survey answers provide limited information as most of the information we share day-to-day is in tone of voice and body language.

What Makes Xtraview Different from Other In-Store Interview Systems?

Xtraview is a different method of interviewing entirely, which is why it is far more accurate and actionable than pen-and-paper methods. It combines CCTV footage of customers with in-depth, video-cued customer interviews. The use of footage triggers customers to a true memory of the transaction, not an assumptive memory.

The words we speak only represent about 7% of human communication — tone of voice covers 38% and expressions and body language make up the rest.

By using visual feedback as well as textual you can see how the customer reacts to questions as well as hear what they are saying. Our techniques confirm when they are telling the truth and when they are guessing their answers. Unless prompted, customers are quick to forget elements that they haven’t been told to notice prior to the shop. If they have been specifically told to remember these elements of the shop they will change the way they shop, rendering their information useless.

This detailed customer feedback allows you to take notice and action in-store changes to improve your service.

What Feedback Can You Expect from Xtraview?

Xtraview can give you details on many in-store issues. Whether it’s missing items, category confusion, or difficult-to-negotiate aisles, Xtraview provides truthful feedback to create actionable reports. These actionable reports tie into context, giving you the full picture and a clear idea of the full potential of a product.

When the store-shopper relationship is analysed on a macro level, more actionable in-store opportunities are presented. This gives you the best chance of improving your store — and your profit.

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