Gondola Ends: How They Drive Sales

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Gondola Ends: How They Drive Sales

SBXL-Gondola-EndsFor many years here at SBXL, we have compared results of sales between products with the same SKU’s (Stock Keeping Units) displayed both in aisle and gondola ends, and in all but one example sales were much higher from the aisle.

How can this be the case, when it is widely acknowledged that products promoted in gondola ends typically benefit from an increase in sales? Our evidence suggests (time and time again) that although ends play their part, they are not the main driver behind the increase in sales.




The Evidence

  • Regardless of multiple promotional ends displaying beer, almost 90% of sales came from the main aisle
  • When the same deal was applied to dairy products on end and in the aisle, 97% of sales came from the aisle
  • In another study, only 8% of shoppers visited the same SKU in the aisle and on the gondola end
  • Within a particular category, every single product that was sited both on end and in the aisle saw more sales come from the aisle.

You may think from the evidence given, that gondola ends are ineffective – this is far from the case; they simply work in a different way from how you might think. Whilst they raise awareness of a product, they don’t normally drive sales from that location, as they are designed to send shoppers to the core category where they can view the promoted product amongst all of its promotional support. Shoppers can then see the deal and understand the value in terms of context, and this is when they make a purchase.

For example…

In the clip below, watch a shopper interact with a gondola end without making a purchase. Typically in this case, shoppers want to make a comparison between all of the offers in the category, and in order to do this they need to visit the main aisle. A visit to the core category then helps to put any added value into a meaningful context.

I am Phillip Adcock, and as one of the leading authorities in the world with regards to shopper behaviour, I can help you to understand just how your shoppers think and how you can change your incentives to gain better results. Get in touch today to see how I can help.

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