Does Walmart Price Match Amazon 2022?

By Phillip Adcock
Last updated: Jan 8, 2023
Does Walmart Price Match Amazon

If you’ve been following the news lately or frequenting Walmart often, you probably have heard of this question: will Walmart match Amazon prices? It’s a question that’s circling the internet and social media. 

Does Walmart Price Match Amazon?

Yes, it does. Walmart matches prices with on most products at a similar cost as of 2022. However, Walmart does not match the pricing on items produced in Walmart-owned factories and instead prefers to charge more for those types of items.

Before you start shopping, find out which products at Walmart will be made by them and which ones will not. If you try to price match a product made in one of these factories, your query may be denied unless the product is an exact buy.

Does Walmart Price The Same With Amazon For All Products?

Walmart Price Match Amazon

While certain conditions may apply, Walmart offers customers the ability to price match items sold on Amazon under certain circumstances. Suppose a customer is eligible for price matching. 

In that case, that person will be able to match the price of one identical item per day against an in-stock item sold by Amazon that is identical in size, quantity, and color.

Store associates may not honor price matches for any products purchased using Amazon Prime deals or other discounts available on the marketplace site.

Walmart does not usually price match items that have decreased in price after purchase – meaning you won’t get your money back from a product you’ve already bought if the price goes down. However, they do offer savings on many items, so it’s important to check their website regularly before heading out.

When Does Walmart Store Stop Price Matching?

Walmart has decided to stop its Price Match Policy. The store delays at the checkout counter and an intention to keep prices low both online and in-store are reasons for this decision. 

So while it used to be a smart approach to save cash, if you’re going to take advantage of this policy now, you must do it online!

Which Retailers Does Walmart Also Have Price Match With? 

Which Retailers Does Walmart Also Have Price Match With

Walmart’s price matches several different online retailers. Price matching became available earlier this year, and as of now, you can price match on any purchase worth up to $250 sold at Amazon,, BestBuy, Target,, and

Why Is There The Difference In Prices Of Walmart Online And In-Store? 

Walmart’s prices differ among physical stores. Each Walmart shop has its stock. Also, each store often holds sales or discount events to try and help you lighten up your wallet! 

However, those discounted products available online on Walmart’s website come at the same price in any part of the country, regardless of if they’re being sold in Winnetka or Walkertown, USA. So you can rest assured about the price differences when shopping online.

Does Amazon Match Walmart Prices?

No, Amazon doesn’t refrain from price matching or competing with other stores’ prices, even though it has considered doing so. Customers were able to take advantage of Amazon’s price-matching guarantee at one point in time. 

From 2014 to 2016, if a consumer purchased an item and then saw it sold at a cheaper price by any other marketplace seller within 30 days, they would be eligible to receive a refund for the difference in cost! However, this practice was recently discontinued.

Why Does Walmart Price Match With Amazon?

Amazon is a huge company, and they have several things in its favor. First of all, there are extremely competitive prices on some of the things you would find on Amazon because of the company’s scale and size. Amazon even includes free next-day delivery for Prime customers. 

So matching with Amazon prices is a wise strategy to compete in this industry.


We hope you enjoyed our writing and unclog your curiosity. Walmart’s price matches Amazon only online. They also offer next-day delivery for free for many products if your order totals over $35 and you’re shopping with them in-store. 

Suppose you want to try to price match some cheaper goods from Amazon than what you could get from Walmart. We hope our writing helps you save a lot of time and money then! Cheer!

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