Does PetSmart Drug Test? Fullest Answers And More

By Phillip Adcock
Last updated: Jan 8, 2023
Does PetSmart Drug Test

As we know, PetSmart is one of the top pet stores in the United States, with over 1,500 stores providing hundreds of pet toys, accessories, cleaning stuff, and other pet care services.

The company now has approximately 57,000 workers working in different situations, and it’s still recruiting more employees. Due to a large number of jobs and employees, PetSmart requires several examinations and tests for its workers, including drug tests.  

If you are planning to apply for a job at PetSmart, there are some matters that you must consider before applying.

Does PetSmart Drug Test 2022?

Yes, PetSmart requires its pre-employees to undergo a drug test using their urine. Additionally, workers who have been in workplace accidents at PetSmart also have to take a drug test.

Any PetSmart employee must not use illegal substances and alcohol at an excessive level. The test will result in the existence of banned drugs and alcohol use so that PetSmart can decide whether to continue to hire those workers or not. This test also ensures the work quality and professional services of PetSmart.

Does PetSmart Drug Test New Workers? 

PetSmart maintains the right to drug tests for all staff, including potential and pre-workers. Thus, employees are abiding by the company’s drug and alcohol-free policy.

Workers in different departments, such as pet groomers and stockers, are subjected to these tests.

PetSmart does not conduct drug tests on the first applicants’ interviews; however, the company will ask you to do it before starting your work.

You have 48 hours to complete the drug test to keep your PetSmart employment. Otherwise, you may lose your slot.

Does PetSmart Drug Test For Internal Promotions?

According to reviews from prior employees on the Internet, undergoing a drug test to get a PetSmart’s internal promotion rarely occurs. 

Before getting promotions, if PetSmart suspects you of consuming substances and alcohol or you have work accidents, you will have to take a drug test.

Remember when PetSmart gives you a chance to get an internal promotion, you need to pass the drug test to gain this position. If you fail the test, your promotion will be canceled and transferred to other colleagues. 

Does PetSmart Drug Test For Internal Promotions

Does PetSmart Drug Test Randomly? 

Similar to other businesses, a PetSmart drug test can be conducted randomly on its employees due to the company’s right of drug and alcohol-free policy. 

PetSmart will only ask for a drug test if they have a reason to suspect you, such as you’ve been in an accident at the company or you’re a new employee.

Does PetSmart Drug Test For Prescription Treatment? 

Although prescription drugs are necessary for your health conditions, a drug test can reveal them.

According to the company’s employee policy, employees who work under the effect of prescription treatment and cannot perform their work accurately are not allowed to continue their job at PetSmart.

Therefore, it’s advisable to inform your PetSmart managers about any medicines you’re taking that can show up on a drug test.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does PetSmart Drug Test Its Workers?

PetSmart employs a third-party partner to provide drug tests to its employees and then back the findings to PetSmart.

When undergoing a drug test at PetSmart, it’s generally an individual urine test that no one supervises. After that, the test is evaluated by a third-party institution like LabCorp.

PetSmart also checks new workers’ backgrounds and criminal records to ensure they do not have previous drug and alcohol use or serious crime.

What Does PetSmart Drug Test For?

Employees at PetSmart are often subjected to a drug test to look for narcotics, including amphetamines, cannabis, PCP, THC, and opiates.

PetSmart also identifies intoxication levels because excessive consumption will hinder employees from working energetically and efficiently.

What Happens If I Cannot Pass My PetSmart Drug Test?

PetSmart will stop your interview, and you will not get any official position if you fail the PetSmart drug test as a pre-employee.

If you fail the drug test as a current worker, you will probably confront PetSmart’s penalties, and the company can even fire you due to its employee policy.

Keep in mind that your positive drug test goes counter to PetSmart’s drug and alcohol-free policy. Because you often work with animals, having drugs and alcohol will be extremely unsafe.

Can I Reapply To PetSmart If I Cannot Pass My Drug Test?

Suppose you fail your drug test, it will be discretion for PetSmart managers to accept your reapplied position in the company.

If you take a drug test later and the result is negative, they will keep your name on file and may give you a chance to reapply for the job.

You should wait a time before reapplying to PetSmart and tell your reason to the managers so that they can understand your situation at that time. It will help you increase your probability of getting the job.


PetSmart requires its new and potential workers to take a drug test before starting the job. It makes sure that you’re eligible to work safely at a workplace where animals are the main concern.

Hopefully, our article has provided you with useful information so that you can clearly understand PetSmart’s policy and requirements. If you have any questions, contact us, and we will answer you later.

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