Does Home Depot Take Afterpay In 2022? – How To Use it?

By Phillip Adcock
Last updated: Jan 8, 2023
Does Home Depot Accept Afterpay

Home Depot accepts payments through credit cards and cash in a few of their stores; however, they are currently making this a global standard. 

In some areas, people can purchase items online and then go into the store to pick up their purchase, and they can use the new After pay forms. 

Does Home Depot Take Afterpay?

Yes, Home Depot does accept Afterpay. This retailer is happy to offer After Pay to make your purchases as simple and easy as possible, whether you want them held at one of our in-store locations or delivered directly to your home.

Check out their page for a complete list of their services, including Quad Pay and Klarna. However, some payment methods, such as Afterpay or Affirm, have not been confirmed legitimate. This is simply the company’s policy, and no other announcements have been made.

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Which Services Does Home Depot Take Afterpay?

Home Depot is proud to introduce a new service that will be useful to customers who wish to purchase merchandise and need more time to pay for it. 

These ‘buy now, pay later services like Klarna, Quadpay, Paypal can be used whether you are shopping at a physical Home Depot store or ordering goods online.

What Items Does Home Depot Have Afterpay For?

Now you can use a later pay service at The Home Depot to buy everything you need for your daily needs, from the simplest to the most sophisticated items like electronic stuff.

At Home Depot, one can purchase supplies for every home area. Whether it’s for a new kitchen or a remodel, they have everything to make that possible. From the tile on the floors to the ceilings, we assure you will find everything you need for your home at our store.

What Are The Items That You Can’t Use The ‘Buy Now Pay Later’?

Buy now Pay later

Because Home Depot provides various services, certain payment alternatives are only accessible on “buy now, pay later” websites.

However, they do not provide services for setting up interior and exterior modifications. These include blinds as well as infrastructures like pipes and electricity wires.

This is because the cost of these structures will include installation charges, which will vary from home to house. Unlike conventional commodities with set costs, contractors will require you to pay upfront before construction.

How Do You Use ‘Buy Now Pay Later’ Services At Home Depot?

You can use the following Home Depot sites for shopping online for the allowed items.


Shopping online can be a real hassle sometimes. You might find yourself barraged with ads asking you to download several different apps to make use of them, like having to download the Klarna US app for Apple and Android smartphones.

This program allows you to divide the entire expenditure into several manageable installments. The first step is downloading the app on your smartphone, available for both Android and iOS. After you’ve downloaded it, log in with your selected credentials and begin shopping.


When shopping at Home Depot, you might be wondering how you can go about making purchases and paying for those items made in-store. Well, never fear because the answer is simple! The answer is with the QuadPay app.

PayPal Pay in 4

Does Lowe's Accept Paypal

Paypal has a new option that will transform the way people purchase worldwide. The new Pay in 4 functions will reduce the amount of time individuals spend standing in front of a register trying to pay for their purchases. 

Here’s how it works: when you pay with Klarna or Quad Pay at any Home Depot location, you’ll be allowed to use Pay In 4.

This means you may finish your order by paying in four installments using PayPal! However, to use Klarna or QuadPay, you must be 18 years old and spend a minimum of $10 or $35, respectively.

Is Afterpay, Klarna, Or Quad Pay Require Credit Check?

Klarna is a blessing for many customers and company owners. They are always coming up with new and innovative ways to assist individuals in paying for their items.

People can also pay for their products in installments if required and practicable. Because Klarna handles all payments, it does not require any credit information from users. However, your identity will still need to be validated for transactions to be transparent.

Quad Pay offers highly open policies since your credit rating will not hinder you from using their translation services.

Can You Use Home Depot Credit Card For Buy Now Pay Later Services?


The Home Depot Consumer Credit card is one of the most attainable cards for loyal customers like you and me. It helps make home improvement projects possible with 0% interest for 24 months. This card offers six months of no payments on products upwards of $299. 

If your project exceeds this amount, you can use the Project Loan card, which is available to borrow up to $55,000 over 12 months and have monthly payments of $1,100 a month. There are no annual fees, but there are low fixed rates, so don’t get caught paying more than you should!

In Conclusion

If you’re having difficulty paying for those growing stacks of supplies and tools, you might be interested in learning more about easy alternatives like Buy Now Pay Later. 

Home Depot allows you to use this service limited to certain items and services like Klarna or QuadPay. It is easier for you to make payment.

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