Does Costco Do Passport Photos In 2024?

By Phillip Adcock
Last updated: Dec 7, 2023
Does Costco Do Passport Photos

Costco is known as a famous photography unit. Here specializes in providing quality, affordable, fast, and extremely convenient photography packages. Because of these things, it is preferred by many people as the first choice for photography.

So Does Costco do passport photos in 2024 ? Also, get a lot of attention. Please refer to the article below to find the correct answer!

Does Costco Do Passport Photos In 2024 ?

Currently, It no longer offers Costco passport photos. This company has stopped providing all photography services starting February 14, 2021. Therefore, in 2024 this unit will not provide services.


The Reason Why Costco Stopped Taking Passport Photos

According to the company’s announcement in February 2021, the biggest reason they stopped all Costco passport services was a severe drop in customer demand.

The Costco side shared that they had made many efforts to catch up with market trends and provide many new services, but they failed. The customer base has not improved due to the advent of smartphones and digital cameras.

Therefore, its services must stop working throughout the store system.

What Stores Take Passport Photos?

What Stores Take Passport Photos

Although you can not take passport photos at Costco, don’t worry too much about where to take them. Here we will introduce to you some quality shooting locations you can refer to, such as:

Walgreens, Rite Aid, CVS, Walmart, UPS, or Target. These are the places to take it of the same quality as Costco.

Besides choosing the shops above, is there any other way to get quick and convenient? Your answer will be in the next section.

Can I Take A Passport Photo On My Phone?

Of course, you can completely take it with your smartphone quickly and conveniently.

Phones using Android or iOS operating systems can take you a perfect photo.

When taking a photo, you need to note the following steps for your photo to be accepted:

  • Lighting standards: You need to choose a place with good light
  • Background standard: Usually white background is the most common and popular. However, it is not fixed. It depends on the national culture. When shooting, you should refer to the required criteria.
  • Face standards: Looking directly at the camera, not smiling, eyes open in the direction of the camera. If you wear glasses, make sure the glasses do not glare.
  • About dress standards: Should choose polite clothes, should not choose costumes that are too gorgeous.
  • When shooting, absolutely do not leave shadows on the image’s background.
  • About the device: Any camera can be used, but the image quality must be ensured.


Above is information about Costco passport photos in 2024 ? Even though the shop has since ceased to offer photography-related services system-wide, you still have plenty of suitable alternatives. We hope the above information will help you get a quality photo.

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