Does Amazon Take WIC? All You Need To Know In 2022

By Phillip Adcock
Last updated: Jan 8, 2023
Does Amazon Take WIC All You Need To Know In 2022

With its acquisition of whole foodstuffs, Amazon has joined the distribution of perishable products. We now have an answer for one of the most frequently requested questions by recipients of WIC benefits.

WIC can be very beneficial for moms, newborns, and kids. However, WIC frequently imposes restrictions on the kind of foods that can be purchased. Find out which foods are WIC-approved and are available on Amazon for federal nutrition benefits.

What Is WIC?

The Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Babies, and Children (WIC) seeks to safeguard the well-being of low-income pregnant women, newborns, and children under five who are at risk for malnutrition. The WIC Program offers dietary supplements, healthy eating advice, and medical services connections through a online ordering project.

Since its inception 40 years ago, the program has provided psychological counseling, parenting suggestions, nursing assistance, food aid, and connections, and not cash assistance benefits to encourage you and your family to lead healthier lifestyles.

About 47,000 registered shops with online purchasing options or delivery options and 90 WIC state organizations collectively administer the program’s operations for American people.

Does Amazon Accept WIC?

Does Amazon Accept WIC?

Yes, WIC is accepted by Amazon.

For 40 years, WIC has been a brief program that aims to enhance the entire family’s long-term health and nutritional well-being. Several WIC-approved commodities, such as baby food, dairy, eggs, cheese, and more, are available on Amazon if you use your WIC benefits.

However, in 2022, Amazon will stop accepting form of payment made through the WIC program for any food items purchased. WIC is only offered in stores and is managed by each state. It cannot be accessed online. Amazon offers a reduced membership price for WIC individuals to compensate for this.

What Connection Do WIC And Amazon Have?

WIC and Amazon don’t have an official partnership. But Amazon sells food items that have been authorized for the WIC program. In other words, Amazon offers food items that can be bought with WIC subsidies. WIC users can check whether a food item is WIC-approved before deciding to buy it using the WIC pre-approval service that Amazon provides.

How Is Amazon Able To Sponsor WIC?

Amazon is one of the biggest internet merchants in the world. More than 190 nations are served by the sales and same-day delivery grocery service of their goods. The initiative is created to assist those who might not be available nutritious foods or unable to purchase items to get the necessary nourishment.

Amazon provides low-income homes with a range of other services besides food aid. The WIC Program offers nutritional supplements, advice on healthy eating, and connections to medical services. Various discounts are also available from Amazon on a range of additional merchandise, food and nutrition service.

Which Foods Are Available On Amazon And Are WIC-Approved Food Items?

Infant food, fresh fruits, dairy, peanut butter, WIC-approved chicken egg, cheese, canned fish, supplemental foods, and other basic food items acceptable for WIC can be bought on Amazon. You can visit the USDA webpage for comprehensive WIC-approved items.

Can You Use WIC On Amazon For Formula?

No, you cannot purchase cans of formula or infant formula on Amazon using WIC. Although you can purchase WIC-accepted goods from Amazon, you cannot pay with your WIC card with an online transaction.

WIC, which is handled by each state separately, is only accessible offline—in stores, and not online purchases. Nonetheless, you are still eligible for a 50% price reduction the the regular price on the Amazon Prime subscription. With Amazon Prime, you can enjoy free delivery on all purchases, special access to discounts, limitless file storage on Amazon Photos, and unlimited streaming of hundreds of TV shows and movies.

What Limitations Apply While Using WIC On Amazon?

WIC is a publicly subsidized initiative offering additional nutrition aid to low-income expectant, pregnant, and nursing mothers, newborns, and kids up until five. By improving accessibility to wholesome food resources, the initiative aims to enhance the health and happiness of participants.

Despite the fact that WIC can be used to buy a range of foods, there are some limitations on what can be bought with WIC benefits. For instance, WIC participants can buy food and groceries with their benefits, but they cannot buy junk food, soda, or alcohol. Additionally, WIC money cannot be utilized to buy hot foods or goods that will be consumed at the store.

There are some limitations regarding what can be bought with WIC benefits, even though the program is a helpful resource for low-income households. 

Several limitations have been put in place to ensure that participants are spending their benefits to buy wholesome foods or grocery products such as chicken drumsticks, chicken thigh, chicken breast, fruit baskets, brick-and-mortar whole foods, non-essential basic food, that will enhance their health and wellness.

How Can You Use WIC On Amazon?

First, you need to have an account on Amazon to use WIC. Simply register for an account on Amazon and add your WIC EBT card as a payment option to start using WIC benefits.

After that, you can put the WIC-eligible products you want to buy in your cart and proceed with a typical checkout to access your WIC benefits on Amazon. At the grocery store cash register, the WIC-eligible items will be deducted from your purchase. You can check the USDA website to learn more about using your WIC benefits on Amazon.


Does Amazon Accept SNAP Benefits?

Amazon accepts SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) benefits, so the answer is yes. Just as in a conventional grocery shop, only foods that individuals can ingest are permitted to be bought with SNAP on Amazon as one of the forms of payment. 

You may use your SNAP benefits card to buy a range of food products that are SNAP-eligible item on Amazon, including buche foods, natural foods, organic foods, frozen foods, beverages, and more in the types of products listed.

What Distinctions Exist Between SNAP And WIC Benefits?

Benefits from WIC and SNAP card for payment differ primarily because WIC offers food, health benefits, nutritional benefits, medical connections, and educational services to low-income pregnant women, expectant mothers, babies, and children up to age five. 

In contrast, SNAP offers food assistance to low-income households and individuals. Purchase limitations apply to specific choices for food or eligible food items for both schemes. Both were sponsored by Amazon, one of the biggest grocery chain in the world.


WIC participants can get Prime memberships at a 50% discount even though Amazon does not presently support this program. 

Although there isn’t a clear explanation for this, one possibility is that WIC payments are determined state-by-state, which might make distribution via Amazon challenging.

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