Collaborations Between Retailer and Manufacturer – Are They Destined To Fail?

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Collaborations Between Retailer and Manufacturer – Are They Destined To Fail?

For manufacturers, it is critically important that retailers are able to measure (and demonstrate) results of shopper marketing programs, but they rate their ability to do so fairly poorly. 


Retailers on the other hand, say that manufacturers often fail to turn plans for insight development into actionable tools that would be mutually beneficial.

In actual fact, both parties see a big gap in the other’s abilities in this respect, and neither believes the other is doing enough to strengthen relationships between the two. This is where a clear objective, and an independently positioned piece of shopper research can reap huge benefits whilst simultaneously building great retailer / manufacturer relationships, helping to:

  • Quantify the changes in shopper behaviour in-store at the moment of truth
  • Compare shopper emotions and attitudes between control and test in-store scenarios
  • Discover just how well real shopper needs are being met – therefore better aligning their expectations with the retail offering.
  • Use the insight gained to develop a product group or category that benefits the retailer, brand and shopper alike. Win – Win – Win!

The shopper is a great conduit to build relationships between brands and retailers, as they are the ones that are indirectly paying the wages of us all – retailers, brands, manufacturers and shopper research experts, so let us remember their importance.

For example…

Occasionally, retailers have the courage to delve into a world beyond what is ‘corporate’, and when they do, it can often lead to significant growth. Watch the video below to see how Petcare met the needs of the shopper, and used a more emotional category which led to a significant uplift in sales.

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