Christmas shoppers are happy shoppers

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Christmas shoppers are happy shoppers


With the busiest retail day of the year approaching (Monday 23rd December )(Visa Europe) shoppers across the world are getting ready to stock up on their final bits and bobs for Christmas… but this isn’t just happening in store; shoppers are expecting to dig just as deep into their pockets this Monday online.

Despite shoppers admitting to being financially concerned about the new year, our CSI shopper research reveals that most shoppers actually plan to spend either the same amount or more than they did last Christmas. Ipsos have also predicted that shoppers will be splurging during the festive season; they predict that December will become the only month of 2013 to experience a year-on-year improvement in footfall in retail.

In terms of online shopping, our CSI research reveals that in July, 69% of shoppers were buying gifts online. Whereas, reports show that during the Christmas period, over 90% of shoppers plan to shop for gifts on the web.

The question is…Do shoppers feel that they get the same level of Christmas spirit online as they do in store? Are we spending more but feeling less?