Children influence what stores shoppers visit

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Children influence what stores shoppers visit

From a total of 1600 shoppers, our latest shopper research revealed that children play a part when shoppers are deciding where to buy their groceries from. Shoppers who have children appear to consider more factors when deciding where to do their food shopping. Single shoppers are mainly convenience-driven when choosing a suitable grocery store; whereas shoppers who are buying for big families are driven by price.

children_influence_what_stores_shoppers_visit49% of shoppers who have no children shop at their current grocery store due to convenience. Whereas, only 36% of shoppers who do have children choose where to shop based on convenience… Shoppers with bigger families are more willing to travel around for the most suitable place to shop, compared to smaller families who are more location and convenience focused.
Statistics from ONS (2012) show that 42% of families have dependent children living in the household. This shows how important it is for grocery stores to accommodate shoppers with children.

Opportunity to invite big families in to your store… make them choose your store to shop in.

Shoppers with big families are searching for the best price items for their family. More shoppers who have children also admit to seeking a store that provides good deals and promotions on decent quality products.

Convenience is a key driver but as shoppers are paying attention to other factors so should retailers. Reassure shoppers that they can feed their family on a budget, whilst still providing them with good quality food.