How to Join the Dots of Multi-Channel Shopping

It’s accepted common knowledge that the internet has had a negative impact on the performance of brick and mortar stores. A new report from the University of Southampton, however, claims […]

Hidden Horrors of Halloween

Spooky to think it’s already that time of year. Moving ahead of valentine’s day Halloween has become the third largest holiday for retailers, behind Christmas and Easter. To put the […]

Why Tony the Tiger really is G-r-r-e-at!

With the typical Stock Keeping Unit (SKU) in a supermarket having around a 1 in 500 chance of being bought, it’s never been harder to grab shopper’s attention than it […]

Online shopping could ease UK shoppers’ hectic lifestyles

With UK workers spending an average of 42.7 hours a week in the office (ONS), many of us are struggling to find the right balance between our work and home […]

Online shopping needs to be prompted in-store

Our previous blog post “Online shopping could ease UK shoppers’ hectic lifestyles”, discussed how few shoppers were actually using online retailers as their main grocery store. SBXL’s Continuous Shopper Insights […]

Why Supermarkets struggled this Christmas

Our CSI shopper research reveals that 97% of shoppers shop in supermarkets throughout the year, however, only 63% of Christmas food shoppers buy their Christmas food shop from supermarkets. This […]

Shoppers need to build trust in the online process… focus on the personal touch

Online shopping is obviously extremely popular, in our latest online study 99% of shoppers admit to shopping at least something online. Despite this high percentage, only around 1/3rd of shoppers […]

Online shopping: sometimes we just want to stay at home… online retail should focus on the benefits of staying at home and not about being in store.

In our latest survey not only did we ask shoppers why they don’t shop online for groceries, we also asked them what would encourage them to start shopping online. 35% […]

Shoppers are more likely to shop online for luxuries rather than for groceries

99% of shoppers are shopping online for at least something… but only 32% of shoppers do their grocery shop online! Shoppers are much more likely to shop online for gifts, […]

Morrisons… have they got what it takes to convert shoppers online?

With Morrisons ready to launch online in January, they could have the potential to share steal from other online retailers. Morrisons are putting a huge emphasis on freshness; which as […]