Quantifying the visitor to purchaser conversion rate revealed a £113,000,000 opportunity in one chain alone

The design of the SEL was both a trigger and barrier to sales
Asda cereal shoppers that bought
Tesco cereal shoppers that bought
Sainsbury's cereal shoppers that bought
What we did
  • Filmed shoppers in-store
  • Quantified how many bought
  • Analysed non-buying behaviour
  • Dissected the path to non-purchase
  • Identified the single barrier
  • Validated using Psychology of Promotions
  • Compared against other categories
  • Tested improved promotion

Insight & Strategy

In this case, we identified that the promotional SELs were the cause of too many walk-aways. Specifically, that black text on a red background is 50% less impactful than white on red. In trials, simply changing the SEL colour was enough to reverse the poor conversion

  • Not a single shopper ‘said’ that the promotions were an issue.
  • Yet their behaviour in-store told a different story.
  • This is a good example of the ROI from conducting more than just interviews.
Cheaper to print but more expensive in terms of lost sales

Research & Discovery

Successful shopper research comes down to much more than just asking shoppers questions or even studying continuous data. Effective shopper insight identifies which in-store activities offer you the best ROI.

SBXL provide game-changing Shopper Insights that generate positive shopper engagement and that help you sell more product as a direct result.

  • You deserve the best answers to your research questions.
  • Our methodologies are designed to get you better answers.
  • That’s why we’ve helped grow so many brands for so many years.

Research Reporting

“SBXL presentations and workshops are a step-change from the norm. Produced in an engaging style which deliver exactly `what it says on the tin’.”

Whichever debrief format clients require, we always endeavour do design with a clear structure and flow to aid accessibility. A Debrief from SBXL is a resource which can be picked up for specific help as and when needed. Presentations are designed to ensure the audience is presented with a steady flow of shopper insights and recommendations throughout.
Naturally, because video plays an important role in most of our research, presentations are further brought to life by including film clips and vox pops.

You can also rely on SBXL to present key findings in an objective and authoritative manner to the ‘prickliest’ of trading partners.

Some researchers think that delivering the debrief signals end of the project – In our opinion, the debrief is the fulcrum around which so much else revolves. That’s why we are so proud of ours!

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