Brands are pulling Tesco shoppers back

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Brands are pulling Tesco shoppers back

Predictions from Bernstein are that Tesco’s market share is expected to level out in the 12 weeks to end of March. Combining this along with Tesco winning the top spot for VoucherCodesPro’s Nation’s favourite supermarket, are Tesco heading in the right direction to call back their shoppers?

Towards the end of 2014, Tesco were at risk of causing conflict with their customers; they were ranked as the least trusted supermarket and performed the lowest in the UK in terms of shopper satisfaction. However, just a few months down the line, Continuous Shopper Insights sees the Retailer Giant seems to be reclaiming back their shoppers… Tesco is the most popular choice of supermarket for shoppers’ big weekly shop, and there’s been a 1% increase since the last quarter in the number of people who do their weekly shop here.

Brand outlet

Now that shoppers are becoming more optimistic about their world and are more open minded about buying branded products over the next 12 months (CSI), Tesco are again meeting shoppers’ needs in a way that Discounters can’t – by pushing the availability of brands. Tesco are keeping shoppers engaged by providing branded products at low prices via dedicated ‘Brand Outlet’ aisles.  Shoppers are satisfied they know where to get their favourite brands and they also know they can trust Tesco to sell them at a reasonable price.

At SBXL, we know that shoppers want value-for-money and the full shopping experience including more experiential shopping scenarios, engaging product displays, less overall store uniformity and more occasions based category solutions: Initiatives that currently Discounters do not offer to their shoppers.

Tesco are fulfilling shoppers’ expectations by being more than just a supermarket; from selling clothing and electrical items, having a Costa Coffee on site, access to Tesco Mobile centres and even the latest in-store community centres. Combining these together allows shoppers to enjoy the whole experience, rather than seeing Tesco as just completing another household chore.

This could well be a reason why shoppers want to head back to Tesco now that they are feeling more optimistic about their world and are no longer just shopping for low prices.