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Shopper Modes

Shopping behaviour has been segmenting shoppers (not consumers) by their actions at a fixture in-store. This enables stores to better align their offering by the type of shopper buying their […]

In-Store Promotions: Ask The Psychologists, Not The Accountants

Once upon a time, I asked the following question: “Are you part of a £100 billion crime?”  If you run promotions as part of your trade marketing activity, then chances […]

It’s Only Words

Go beyond the words shoppers use and get to what they really mean. The vast majority of shopper and consumer research uses words as the medium by which researcher and […]

Selling in Supermarkets: 5 Forgotten Methods

Grocery shopping is no longer the thrill it used to be, and while the shopper may not realise why the zest has gone from their experience in the aisle, they […]
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