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UK retail sales in sharp fall in September, ONS says "worse than predicted"

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Continuous Shopper Insights

Category Insights

19 October, 2017 Leave a comment
Category management is a challenging job, keeping up with changing behaviours and adjusting solutions to increase profit. A category manager who attempts to manage categories without the backing of proven shopper research and information is like a car heading in every direction without knowing. Read More…

Retail… Where the Price Doesn’t Matter

12 October, 2017 Leave a comment
It’s not the price of your product that determines how many people buy it... Rather it’s the price of the other products shoppers see before making their choice! The perceived value of any product has a lot to do with a psychological principle called anchoring. With anchoring, the first. Read More…

Shopper Insights Research

5 October, 2017 Leave a comment
How do you go about undertaking shopper insights research? How do you gain that real, usable data about shoppers, their behaviour and how they interact with your brands and business? Maybe your company is a big fan of focus groups (hopefully not!), database marketing or a simple. Read More…

Contact‘less’ Pay ‘More’

28 September, 2017 Leave a comment
Payment technology have more of an effect on people’s economic behaviour than we may expect. What you buy is surprisingly dependent on how you pay for it and how you pay for it can have a detrimental impact on spending habits. Contactless payments and mobile wallets like Apple pay are. Read More…

What’s the core to Apple’s success?

14 September, 2017 Leave a comment
The long-awaited iPhone 8 was officially launched Tuesday (September 12) along with an iPhone 8 Plus and the premium iPhone X. Arriving on the iPhone's 10th anniversary, the smartphone is an upgrade on the iPhone 7 with added features we’ve not seen before. Last year, fans queued up. Read More…

Back to school? Already? They just left!

5 September, 2017 Leave a comment
Amidst the joys of summer, it’s hard to think about the looming date of returning to school, but summer is now winding down and that day is fast approaching. As with most holiday seasons, Mother’s Day, Easter and New Year’s for example, retailers are pushing promotions earlier and earlier. Read More…

I Scream for Ice Cream

31 August, 2017 Leave a comment
Temperatures this summer may not have stayed where we’d like them to be, but in the UK the few heat waves saw sales for ice cream rise. Competition is high and numbers dwindling nevertheless, in an industry worth 1 billion pounds a year, ice cream vans are still on the streets. As. Read More…

Customer Shopping Experience

24 August, 2017 Leave a comment
For years, one of the tenets of understanding the customer journey was the need to learn more about the customer experience at every touch point. That is, retailers needed to know about every point of contact that a person has with your store and your brand. You need to know how they find. Read More…

Why You Should Stop Analysing Customers Who Already Buy Your Products

17 August, 2017 Leave a comment
We all know that the best shopper research takes place in-store, at the shelves, where the purchasing decisions are made. However, too many researchers focus only on the behaviour of existing category shoppers – those already buying their product. If you really want to grow your market. Read More…

How to Join the Dots of Multi-Channel Shopping

10 August, 2017 Leave a comment
It’s accepted common knowledge that the internet has had a negative impact on the performance of brick and mortar stores. A new report from the University of Southampton, however, claims that this doesn’t need to be the case. The two shopping formats can co-exist, but they currently. Read More…

Recent Articles

UK retail sales in sharp fall in September, ONS says "worse than predicted"

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