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Customer Insight Strategy

27 April, 2017 Leave a comment

Looking at Customer Insight Strategy with SBXL

Suppose you have been successful in developing a customer insights strategy and discovered an actionable insight or two. What do you do with those actionable insights? More importantly, how do you know that they are actionable insights? Will they provide a growth in your business value?

Why do you need an actionable insight? Primarily to know where to start and what to focus on when drawing up a plan of action. Before going into that, we need to step back to the very first elements of the strategy. Customer insight (CI) strategy is all about understanding your customers. Regardless of who you thought your target market is or should be, your customers are those that your aim is actually hitting. Priority must be given to interpreting the data you already have, but unless you are able to interpret it properly, your effort is useless.

Simply stated, the basic element is not so much about hitting your target market, as it is about understanding who your target market is. That is, who are you attracting? If who you think you are hitting are not the ones you are actually reaching, then all the marketing in the world will not help. You’ve got to line up these two things one way or the other.

You also have to align the reality of what is happening, with what should be happening. This is where you look at the ideal plan of action, and compare it with the existing plan of action to find the gaps. Yes, you got it? Good old gap analysis to the rescue.

Concurrent with CI strategy, you need business & marketing strategies in place. Once you can identify the behaviour of your shoppers, you will be better able to bring your strategic priorities into alignment with the approach to marketing for success. Shopper feedback is a powerful form of research – if it is properly conducted.

I suppose by now you are thinking that this is going around in circles. In a way it is, somewhat like a snake eating its own tail. It is all intertwined. Oh, and there is something else I must tell you about shoppers. It is difficult to dig into the truth of that particularly mysterious labyrinth because even the shopper cannot tell you why they like what they like or buy what they buy.

Phillip Adcock is my name and shopping behaviour is my game. I’m not trying to discourage you from doing your own shopper insight analysis and building your own shopper insight strategy. I’m simply trying to let you know that there are tricks to this particular process and I can help you decipher the steps to take. You need the competitive advantage that these insights are able to provide. I can help you turn customer insights into profit. I have the experience, knowledge, effectiveness, technology, and tools that can help in this endeavour. My effective results speak for themselves.

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