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13 April, 2017 Leave a comment


What are consumer insights and how do they impact on marketing effectiveness? It would be great if there were an easy answer to this question.

Hang on. There is an easy answer and having that answer can transform your marketing strategies. I know this because I am Phillip Adcock, a leading expert in shopping and shoppers. My team and I have developed ways to uncover what really goes on inside the mind of a consumer. Our business is consumer insight and our consumer insight techniques go far beyond using a focus group.

Chances are that what you think motivates consumers is not what actually does motivate them to make their purchasing decisions. How could you know why they buy what they buy? They don’t know either what prompts them to choose the products they choose.
When you advertise to the public, you are building brand awareness, and you may believe you are building a future for your brand and your company. Your advertising is useless if it does not reach the customer you want to bring into your store. Your brand won’t sell unless your strategy is attuned to the brain science factor of your customers.

You bring your own experience and have years of research and insight behind your thinking. Part of the challenge in getting your share of the market, is finding out what segment of the buying public you are actually attracting. There is data available on what people eat, the age of the people who eat certain products, the demographics of the digital shopper etc etc. Armed with this, what strategy should you implement? What do the results tell you?
This is 2017 and enormous strides have been made in learning how the human brain works. Not only has the ability to get past the consumer’s consciousness and into the consumer’s subconscious made a difference in understanding shopping behaviour, the changing nature of the shopping experience plays a very large part in how people shop.

Studies show that people increasingly shop online. A study of Christmas shopping in December 2016, revealed that 53% of Christmas shopping in the UK was conducted online. A marketing education from even a decade ago won’t do. One from five years ago might be challenged in grasping the nuances of influences on the modern-day consumer.

Here are a few examples of the pressures that change consumer behaviour, according to recent research from Kantar. One example is that they are more health conscious. Sugar consumption is on the decline. Sales of regular carbonated drinks have fallen by 12.7%. The UK Government is making an effort to have people cut back on their consumption of sugar and nearly two-thirds of the country’s households are responding to this effort.

Another example is the change in men’s shopping behaviour. The have simplified their grooming routines. They use less shampoo and deodorant. More men have facial hair. Men also are more likely to be buying their products rather than having someone else shop for them. Oh, and they are getting fussier about their beer, preferring premium branded beer.

Your marketing strategies need to take these types of changes into consideration. You need to know how do they impact your retail business. That goes without saying, but your marketing strategies also need to be able to tap into the nature of why shoppers buy.

For further information on consumer insights and how this information can improve your brand and your business, contact me on 07960 109 876 or email

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