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Why Tony the Tiger really is G-r-r-e-at!

31 May, 2017 Leave a comment
With the typical Stock Keeping Unit (SKU) in a supermarket having around a 1 in 500 chance of being bought, it’s never been harder to grab shopper’s attention than it is today. So here is a small selection of thought starters from SBXL to help you stand out to shoppers in-store and online.. Read More…

Retail Research

30 May, 2017 Leave a comment
There are many components involved in conducting retail analysis. Any investigation into how shoppers shop and what entices them to buy, is an intricate interplay of human behaviour, and global patterns of supply and demand. Such investigations involve understanding capital markets, investor. Read More…

Experiential Shoppers and Meatballs – An Ideal Combination?

17 May, 2017 Leave a comment
To understand your shoppers, you need to know who they are, and how they buy. In our last blog we discussed how well you know your shoppers, doing so in terms of the five modes of shopping we experience. We know that the experiential shopper uses their senses as much as possible to. Read More…

In-store Promotions

11 May, 2017 Leave a comment
Big name premium brand and product demonstrators in brick and mortar locations are expected to drive traffic into the impulse buy mode. Print and online promotions target existing customers, and attempt to lure new ones. This type of advertising has been a consistent factor in marketing in the. Read More…

Less is More: The Paradox of Choice

2 May, 2017 Leave a comment
Imagine a display with 24 types of jam on it. Various flavours and promises of quality jump at you from every direction. There is so much choice and you simply can’t decide which jam you want! So instead of making the decision, you leave the jam behind. Why? You would think that the greater. Read More…

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