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Customer Insight Strategy

27 April, 2017 Leave a comment
Suppose you have been successful in developing a customer insights strategy and discovered an actionable insight or two. What do you do with those actionable insights? More importantly, how do you know that they are actionable insights? Will they provide a growth in your business value? Why. Read More…

Consumer Insights

13 April, 2017 Leave a comment
What are consumer insights and how do they impact on marketing effectiveness? It would be great if there were an easy answer to this question. Hang on. There is an easy answer and having that answer can transform your marketing strategies. I know this because I am Phillip Adcock, a leading. Read More…

Egg-cuse me? Shrinkflation unwrapped in time for Easter

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Picture it. Easter Sunday, you see the box with the shiny tightly wrapped egg trapped inside that you want to liberate. You open the box, get rid of that plastic, take out the egg and unwrap the foil. You can’t resist giving it a quick smell before you crack it open with force and take a bite or. Read More…

Retail Shopper Behaviour: An Evolutionary Explanation [Infographic]

4 April, 2017 Leave a comment
As evolved as we are, human beings are still motivated by antiquated forces. Our survival instincts, including the desire to eat, reproduce and be safe, can all affect our shopping habits. SBXL looks at how insights into our lizard brain — the part responsible for the most basic survival. Read More…

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