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Grocery Store Industry Analysis

30 March, 2017 Leave a comment
Is the grocery store industry really changing all that much? At the beginning of 2016, the industry buzz was about shifting industry trends toward online grocery shopping and increasing competition from discounters. The whole industry was responding to a massive and elemental change in how. Read More…

How the Music You Play In-Store Can Affect Retail Shopper Behaviour

21 March, 2017 Leave a comment
Many stores rely on radio stations to provide their in-store atmosphere, while others have a CD on loop. But with shopper behaviour heavily dependent on the store surroundings, is this the best way to provide a shopper soundscape? We all respond to sound on many levels, with emotional,. Read More…

Category Development

16 March, 2017 Leave a comment
Category development is an art as much as a science. Before explaining this, let me talk about the Category Development Index (CDI). This is the measurement of how well a category measures against its competition. There is a formula for this. It is quite simple. It is the category at retailer. Read More…

Experience vs. Investment: The Shift in Millennial Spending

14 March, 2017 Leave a comment
Guest Blog It’s not uncommon to hear Baby Boomers tell their Millennial offspring that they should be saving for a home and car as soon as they start working. However, Millennials don’t seem to be concentrating their focus on either anymore. For example, tech-savvy young adults. Read More…

Shopper Behaviour Research: Food Samples Can Make or Break New Products

7 March, 2017 Leave a comment
Food samples are a powerful tool to raise awareness of your brand, but in the wrong hands, they can have little to no effect. Sampling is a great way to let shoppers try your new product without having to commit to buying them. They can give a massive and permanent boost to sales, but only if. Read More…

Chocolate Industry Analysis

2 March, 2017 Leave a comment
Analysing the chocolate industry is not as straightforward as it might seem on the surface. You really need to look at chocolate from two perspectives. Understanding the industry calls for understanding two different categories: cocoa production and the chocolate segment of the confectionery. Read More…

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