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Change Consumer Behaviour: Stop Shoppers from Ignoring Your Promotions

21 February, 2017 Leave a comment
The secret of appealing to your customers isn’t in reduced prices but in using psychological methods to attract their attention. If your shoppers are ignoring your products, your promotion strategy could probably do with an overhaul. Rather than just increasing the amount of promotions on. Read More…

What Your Shoppers Behaviour Can Tell You About Your Products

7 February, 2017 Leave a comment
If your customers are not buying the products you are expecting them to, you may want to carry out some in-store research to find out why. The answers might surprise you! With customers, the key to understanding what they are thinking is understanding what they do. Actions speak far louder than. Read More…

Consumer Insight Agency

2 February, 2017 Leave a comment
What is SBXL? It’s a consumer insight agency. Fine. Great. But what is a consumer insight agency? It’s a team of professionals with a passion for understanding consumers. These professionals have a burning desire to know what lies beneath the surface of the dynamic tango of shoppers. Read More…

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