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Why the Right Packaging Is Crucial to Attracting Customer Attention

24 January, 2017 3 Comments
The best way to appeal to customers in-store is to draw their eye. Getting customers to notice your product is the first step to getting it into their basket. With shopper behaviour research, you can find out how your shoppers really feel about your packaging. Your shoppers use all of their. Read More…

Cosmetics Market Analysis

19 January, 2017 Leave a comment
At the "Cosmetic Executive Women's 2016 Trends: New Consumerism Rules" event, it was reported that the traditional demographics — age, income and gender — are no longer effective when it comes to targeting consumers. The new markers are individual needs and values. As well as the. Read More…

How to Use Shopping Behaviour Analysis to Win the January Sales

10 January, 2017 Leave a comment
The January sales are huge for retailers big and small. Using shopper research techniques regarding promotions and colour, SBXL gives you some tips on maximising your January sales turnover. After the huge sales of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, the January sales have declined in popularity in. Read More…

Convenience Store Layout

5 January, 2017 Leave a comment
The whole way that people shop has changed dramatically in the 21st century. Lower prices and special offers were, once upon a time, the popular way to attract buyers and cause products to leap off the shelves. According to industry studies, shoppers are not as apt to rely on one large. Read More…

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